Pharmacy technician and physical therapy assistant are two of the most basic careers in medical practice. They are both significant parts of the medical team playing an important role in streamlining the delivery of treatments to patients. You can see them in hospitals, medical and dental clinics as well as other establishments. Let us look at the duties and compensation for both of these professions.

A Pharmacy technician holds important responsibilities in the medical team. They carry duties and responsibilities that require precision and careful attention to details you may want to look at the pharmacy technician certification board. The duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician are:

* Counting pills and tablets and measuring other forms of medication in accordance with the doctor’s prescription.

* Preparing medications such as ointment and mix prescriptions

* Packaging and labeling medication correctly

* Handles payments and assists in processing insurance documents and claims

* Answers calls, assist customers and other routine pharmacy tasks

Most pharmacy technician work in pharmacies but a big fraction of them are also employed in hospitals, medical and dental clinics, grocery stores and merchandise stores that sell medicines. Among the highest paid pharmacy technicians are those working in State, local and private hospitals earning around $32,000 per year which is about the same as a radiology technician salary, followed by those working in grocery stores and pharmacies that get an average yearly of $28,000.

In any of these work environments, the level of education and years of experience are still major determinants of pharmacy technician salary.
A physical therapy assistant is another entry level position in the medical team that does not require years of university education. However, they carry many responsibilities that have a direct effect in the recovery of a patient. Here are the duties and responsibilities of a physical therapy assistant.

* Observing conditions of patients before, during and after therapy.
They also coordinate these results to the physical therapist.

* Assist patients in physical therapist prescribes exercises.

* Assists patients in using devices and equipment essential for therapy and recovery.

* Relaying instructions and recommendations of the physical therapist to patients and significant others.

Physical therapy assistants must have a high school diploma or an equivalent. Most states require an associate’s degree similar to a dental assistant from an accredited physical therapist. They should also have clinical experience. The average compensation for a PTA is around $50,000 every year. The highest paid physical therapy assistants take $69,000 on annually while the lower ten percent get $30,000 a year which is the same as a veterinary assistant salary with a lot less work. Length of clinical practice and educational attainment are the major determinants for physical therapy assistant salary.

Health Care Providers: Pharmacy Technician and Physical Therapy Assistant

These two professions make the treatment process efficient and productive. Those looking for a career in these fields must know how to understand instructions and must be keen in carrying them out. They must be compassionate and responsive to the needs of the patients. They must also know how to work independently and as a part of the medical team. They assist other professions in their line of work so that they have a lighter load and focus more time and energy towards helping patients. Pharmacy technicians and physical therapy assistants benefit both other medical practitioners and patients.

The health care profession is a field where people who are dedicated to helping others and providing care to those in need are found. A health care worker provides preventive, curative and palliative health care services to families, the society and the country as a whole. They help us to lead a healthy and enjoyable life and when disease sets in, they help us recover properly.

Pharmacy Technician: Brief Overview

A pharmacy technician also known as pharmacy tech is the health care worker whose duty is to help licensed pharmacist in their clerical functions. These functions include:

* Dispensing prescription drugs and medical devices to patients and instructing them on how to use them.

* Preparing insurance claim forms and managing inventory.

* Helping patients take medications on time. Sometimes, they communicate with patients on phone for this purpose.

* They also review prescription lists for insurance companies to make sure that the right drug was provided and payment was received.

* Processing physician orders.

A Pharmacy technician could either be a hospital pharmacy technician or a community pharmacy technician like a ekg technician . They work under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. They can work in various places like hospitals, community centers, retail and hospital pharmacies, government and teaching facilities.
Pharmacy technician is one of the basic careers in the medical industry. The entry level of educational requirement needed for anyone to be a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma. College degree and work experience is not a necessity. To begin the process of becoming a pharmacy tech, the person will receive on the job training and after a while take the ExCPT pharmacy exam to become a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT).

The pharmacy technician salary ranges from $20,000 – $40,000 with a median salary of $28,400 annually. The demand for Pharmacy technicians is on the increase as the demand for proper health care along with pharmacist salary rises.

Physical Therapy Assistant


A physical therapy assistant helps patients who are recovering from surgeries, injuries, illnesses, and accidents to regain physical functions and abilities and help manage and fight their pain. Physical therapy assistant’s are highly energetic people because they are always on their feet helping patients exercise and they are always moving about as they set equipments needed for the patients routine. The world of a physical therapy assistant is interlaced with different people from all spheres of life and all age groups all having the same recovery goal the pima medical institute is a big belive of this.


Treatments administered by physical therapy assistants include physical exercises, muscle manipulation and hydrotherapy. Physical therapy assistant’s work in hospitals, schools, rehab facilities and sports clinics.


To become a physical therapy assistant, one has to earn an associate degree in physical therapy for 2 years. The annual Therapist salary ranges from $30,000 – $60,000 with a median starting wage of $37,710. Physical therapy assistant who have a long working experience can earn up to $100,000 annually same as a ipn salary.

The rewards of being a health care worker are numerous. The health care worker helps people to recover from their illnesses, relieve pain and improve the overall quality of the patient’s life.


Information On The Physical Therapist Salary

by jimkirk1943 on November 7, 2013

PT SalaryFindings from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicate that the expectations for physical therapist salary have grown for the last few years.

This growth is projected to continue until at least the year 2020. According to surveys made to all Human Resource departments in the country, the recent market pricing for the median salary for therapists is set at $77,658.

Physical therapists are involved in planning, accessing, organizing and participating in rehab with the aim of relieving patient’s pain, increasing their strength and if possible enhancing their mobility.

The growing popularity of this profession is attributed to the significant growth in compensation and also the attractive work benefits it has. Given the level of education one needs to get into this career, this is a fairly reasonable setting.

More Details On The Increased Demand

There has also been an increased demand for physical therapists in the country which has resulted into more opportunities for growth. The demand has also boosted competition among employers, and this works in favor of the professionals. According to research findings from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, physical therapists held about 200,000 jobs in the country in the year 2010, with a smaller number of them being part time jobs.

Physical therapist salary has also been on the increase since the number of students as well as foreign trained individuals applying for physical therapy programs has been on the increase. The main employers include nursing care facilities, general medical and surgical hospitals, and offices of physicians as well as other health care professionals.

Physical Therapist Salary & Benefits

As a result of the stiffening competition in this field, many employers usually put up a physical therapist salary that comprise an enticing benefit package which includes a life insurance, dental plan, disability insurance, a stock, medical and optical coverage as well as decent paid vacations.

But the salary package is going to differ depending on the state, even though the numbers do not differ by a large margin. The difference is caused by factors such as the cost of living in the states.

For one to qualify to be a physical therapist, they will need to have attained a masters or doctoral degree. They also need to be licensed in the particular field that they perform and they should visit supervisory organizations for regular examinations.

The physical therapist salary is most likely going to increase if they advance their education since they will expand their core knowledge and deepen their expertise in a specific area, and as a result they will stand a high chance of a promotion.


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